Adrian Altenhoff

I am working as Project Manager for the OMA Browser. The OMA project is a SIB funded core resource that provides orthology predictions among thousands of complete genomes. The project is lead jointly by Prof. Christophe Dessimoz and Prof. Gaston Gonnet.

I did my first degree in Computer Science at ETH Zurich (2000-2005). From 2006 to 2012 I did my PhD under the supervision of Gaston Gonnet.



ETH Zurich
Adrian Altenhoff
Department of Computer Science
UNG F12.2 (map)
Universitätstrasse 19
8092 Zürich
Phone: +41 44 632 89 72 (PGP-Key: A470A039)

Research Fields

Selected Publications

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Adrian Altenhoff, Nives Škunca, Natasha Glover, Clément-Marie Train, Anna Sueki, Ivana Piližota, Kevin Gori, Bartlomiej Tomiczek, Steven Müller, Henning Redestig, Gaston H. Gonnet, and Christophe Dessimoz (2015) The OMA orthology database in 2015: function predictions, better plant support, synteny view and other improvements. Nucleic Acids Research, 43 (D1): D240-D249 open access NAR

Lucas D. Wittwer, Ivana Piližota, Adrian M. Altenhoff and Christophe Dessimoz (2014) Speeding up all-against-all protein comparisons while maintaining sensitivity by considering subsequence-level homology. PeerJ, 2:e607 open access PeerJ

Daniel A. Dalquen, Adrian M. Altenhoff, Gaston H. Gonnet, Christophe Dessimoz (2013) The impact of gene duplication, insertion, deletion, lateral gene transfer and sequencing error on orthology inference: a simulation study. PLoS One, 8(2): e56925 open access PLoS

Adrian M. Altenhoff, Manuel Gil, Gaston H. Gonnet, Christophe Dessimoz (2013) Inferring Hierarchical Orthologous Groups From Orthologous Gene Pairs PLoS One, 8(1): e53786 open access PLoS

Adrian M. Altenhoff, Romain Studer, Marc Robinson-Rechavi and Christophe Dessimoz (2012): Resolving the ortholog conjecture: orthologs tend to be weakly, but significantly, more similar in function than paralogs PLoS Computational Biology, 8(5): e1002514 open access PLoS

Nives Škunca, Adrian M. Altenhoff and Christophe Dessimoz (2012): Quality of Computationally Inferred Gene Ontology Annotations PLoS Computational Biology, e1002533 open access PLoS

Adrian M. Altenhoff and Christophe Dessimoz (2012): Inferring Orthology and Paralogy Evolutionary Genomics: Statistical and Computational methods (M Anisimova, Editor), Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer Humana, Vol. 855. pdflogo[Springer]

Adrian M. Altenhoff, Adrian Schneider, Gaston Gonnet and Christophe Dessimoz (2011): OMA 2011: Orthology Inference Among 1,000 Complete Genomes Nucleic Acids Research 39 (suppl 1): D289-D294 open access NAR

Marc Wüest, Christoph Frei, Adrian Altenhoff, Martin Hagen, Michael Litschi and Christoph Schär (2010): A gridded hourly precipitation dataset for Switzerland using rain-gauge analysis and radar-based disaggregation Int. J. Climatol. 30(12): 1764-1775 pdflogoJOC

Adrian M. Altenhoff and Christophe Dessimoz (2009): Phylogenetic and Functional Assessment of Orthologs Inference Projects and Methods PLoS Computational Biology,5(1): e1000262 open access PLoS

Adrian M. Altenhoff, Olivia Martius, Mischa Croci-Maspoli, Cornelia Schwierz and Huw C. Davies (2008): Linkage of Atmospheric Blocks and Synoptic-scale Rossby Waves Tellus, 60A: 1053-1063 pdflogoTellus

Adrian M. Altenhoff, Jens H. Walther and Petros Koumoutsakos (2007) A stochastic boundary forcing for dissipative particle dynamics J Comput Phys, 225(1): 1125-1136 pdflogoElsevier

Teaching Assistant

Forum for Women in Computer Science

fflogoFrom September 2007 to September 2011 I was co-heading the Forum for Women in Computer Science (Frauenförderung). Its primary goal is to increase the number of female CS-students.

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