I am a PhD student of Marc Pollefeys at ETH Zurich, working in the fields of low-level vision and interactive image editing.
I was at MIT CSAIL for a year, visiting Wojciech Matusik's group and also collaborating with Sylvain Paris. I spent the first 3 years of my PhD at Disney Research Zurich, working with Tunc Aydin. Previously, I was a research and teaching assistant at METU, where I obtained my MSc and BSc degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


2018-05-11 Our paper on semantic soft segmentation has been accepted to SIGGRAPH. Check the project page for the preprint and the video.
2018-02-15 I'm back in Zurich!
2018-02 I recently gave talks at Princeton University, Stanford University, Brown University and Dolby Research on opacity estimation in images.
2017-12-13 Our submission on crowd-sourcing video segmentation has been accepted to CHI. Check the project page for the preprint and supplementary material.
2017-07-20 The session information for my upcoming presentations and links to the project pages are below.
Natural Image Matting Green-Screen Keying Soft Color Segmentation
Session 1-1C Color & Compositing Session
Saturday, July 22 Tuesday, Aug 1
9AM ~11:50AM ~12:10PM
2017-07-19 The extended version of our CVPR paper on natural matting is available on arXiv.
2017-07-17 The video of our soft color segmentation paper is online.
2017-06-30 My position at MIT CSAIL has been extended until February 2018.
2017-03-07 I have released the Affinity-Based Matting Toolbox on Github. It includes a reimplementation of our recent CVPR paper information-flow matting.