I am joining the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University as an Assistant Professor in August 2019.
I am a PhD student of Marc Pollefeys at ETH Zurich. My research is at the intersection of computer graphics and computer vision. My doctoral research has been on novel representations for images that allow easier analysis of photographs with applications to realistic image editing and movie post-production.
I was at MIT CSAIL for a year, visiting Wojciech Matusik's group and also collaborating with Sylvain Paris. I spent the first 3 years of my PhD at Disney Research Zurich. Previously, I was a research and teaching assistant at METU, where I obtained my MSc and BSc degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


2019-04-11 Our paper at CVPR 2019 on learning-based sampling for natural matting is now online. Check out the project webpage.
2018-09-27 Our SIGGRAPH paper was covered by BBC News with a brief interview with me. More media coverage is listed on the project webpage.
2018-09-10 The flash and ambient illuminations dataset accompanying our ECCV 2018 paper is online.
2018-07-30 Our implementation for Semantic Soft Segmentation is online.
2018-07-18 Our paper on crowdsourcing a flash/ambient dataset has been accepted to ECCV. Check the project page for the preprint. We will release the dataset towards the conference.
2018-05-11 Our paper on semantic soft segmentation has been accepted to SIGGRAPH. Check the project page for the preprint and the video.