ETH Zürich

Peter Arbenz, Panagiotis Hadjidoukas

252-5251-00L Seminar in Computational Science
Spring semester 2017

Tuesday 15-17, CAB G52
2 ECTS credits

In this students seminar participants read and present a basic paper from the area of Computational Science and Engineering. The topics of the talks are suggested by the professors in the first week of the semester. The students have to choose a paper (talk) right away. The 30 minutes talk is to be prepared in interaction with the responsible professor. It is to be presented to the professor in advance. The talk should be presented such that the fellow students can follow. Participants have to attend all talks.


February 21: Professors Start paper assignments
March 7: Peter Arbenz Complete paper assignments
How to give a talk.
Further material at (e.g.):

April 25: Jonas Purtschert J. Barnes and P. Hut:
A hierarchical O(N logN) force-calculation algorithm.
Nature, 324: 446-449, 1986.
Tobias Verhulst S. Mittal:
A survey of techniques for approximate computing.
ACM Comput. Surv. 48(4), 62:1-62:33, 2016
May 2: Lucas Amoudruz M. Frigo, V. Strumpen:
The Memory Behavior of Cache Oblivious Stencil Computations.
The Journal of Supercomputing 2007, 39 (2), 93-112.
Petr Karnakov J. Garcke:
Sparse Grids in a Nutshell.
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 88, Springer, pp. 57-80, 2012.
May 9: Cristina Cristescu S. Williams, A. Waterman, D. Patterson:
Roofline: an insightful visual performance model for multicore architectures.
Comm. ACM, 52 (4), 65-76 (2009).
Yuhuang Hu D. Amsallem, M. J. Zahr, C. Farhat:
Nonlinear model order reduction based on local reduced-order bases.
Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng. 92, 891-916, 2012.

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