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Stephanie Balzer

Stephanie Balzer
ETH Zürich
Computer Science Department
Computer Systems Institute
ETH-Zentrum, RZ H7
CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland
phone:+41 44 632 02 80
fax:+41 44 632 14 35
email:stephanie.balzer at

About me

This page is no longer maintained. I have left ETH and now work as a postdoctoral researcher at CMU. Please visit my new homepage.

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Thomas R. Gross at the Computer Systems Institute of ETH Zurich. I recently defended my PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Thomas R. Gross. My interests lie in aiding developers to write programs that are easier to reason about, and ultimately, to verify. In my PhD work, I elaborated new programming language abstractions that ease program understanding. I developed the programming language Rumer, an object-based programming language with support for first-class relationships and Design-by-Contract-style assertions, as well as an invariant-based verification technique for that language.



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On our student project web page (restricted access) you can find a list of possible projects. Come and talk to me in case you have questions or suggestions.


Fall semester 2011 Compiler Design I
Fall semester 2010 Compiler Design I
Autumn semester 2009 Compiler Design II
Spring semester 2009 Compiler Design I Programmieren und Problemlösen
Summer semester 2008 Compiler Design I Programmieren und Problemlösen Software Engineering Seminar
Summer semester 2007 Compiler Design I Programmieren und Problemlösen
Summer semester 2006 Programmieren und Problemlösen
Winter semester 2005/2006 Einführung in die Programmierung
Summer semester 2005 Software Architecture
Winter semester 2004/2005 Einführung in die Programmierung