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Subho Shankar Basu

ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)
Department of Computer Science
Distributed Systems Group
ETH Zentrum, CNB H 108
Universitätstr. 6
CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland

Phone+41 44 632 73 73
URL (this page)

Short CV

I am a research assistant at the Institute for Pervasive Computing, Distributed Systems Group, ETH Zurich under Professor Friedemann Mattern from October 2015. I completed my masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, India under the supervision of Dr. Somanath Tripathy. My masters thesis was on "Secure multicast data transmission techniques in the Internet of Things". I also have a work experience in Cisco for two years and one year in Accenture. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, India.
ETH Zurich Distributed Systems Group
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