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  • F. Camposeco, A. Cohen, M. Pollefeys, T. Sattler, Hybrid Camera Pose Estimation, CVPR 2018 (Oral) [PDF][Supp. Material]


  • F. Camposeco, T. Sattler, A. Cohen, A. Geiger, M. Pollefeys, Toroidal Constraints for Two Point Localization Under High Outlier Ratios, CVPR 2017 [PDF][Project Page][Supp. Material][Code]


  • F. Camposeco, T. Sattler, M. Pollefeys, Minimal Solvers for Generalized Pose and Scale Estimation from Two Rays and One Point, ECCV 2016 [PDF][Code]
    The final publication is available at


  • F. Camposeco, T. Sattler, M. Pollefeys, Non-Parametric Structure-Based Calibration of Radially Symmetric Cameras, ICCV 2015 [PDF][Supplementary Material]
  • F. Camposeco, M. Pollefeys, Using Vanishing Points to Improve Visual-Inertial Odometry, ICRA 2015 [PDF][Video]


  • P. Tanskanen, K. Kolev, L. Meier, F. Camposeco, O. Saurer and M. Pollefeys. Live Metric 3D Reconstruction on Mobile Phones, ICCV 2013 [PDF] [Project Page]

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