I-Code Library

This is a library for the I-Code RFID system. It provides access to the basic functionality of the I-Code system. A Java native interface wrapper is provided for using the library with Java.

If you want to be informed about new version, or have any comments or suggestions regarding this library, write me an e-mail.

The advanced algorithm for reading multiple tags is now implemented, and even tested. The new version number is 0.94.
A new version (0.93) is available. The basic functionality allows for all I-Code operations. Advanced functionality allows reading of multiple tags. The technique used to do this is described in a paper. The technique is not yet fully implemented, ie. the actual algorithm for reading multiple tags is still lacking. However, it should be no problem implementing it yourself ;-)

Attention: This version is partially tested only.

The new version requires a Java package for matrix operations, JAMA.


Browse the online javadoc documentation:
version 0.93
version 0.92


icode_java-0.93.tar.gz (source and binaries)
icode_java-0.92.tar.gz (source)
icode-win-0.92.zip (Windows binary)
icode-linux-0.92.tar.gz (Linux binary)
more code

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