What is ThumbsUp?

ThumbsUp is intended for Windows. It writes the thumbnail pictures
contained in a Thumbs.db file to a set of JPG files. It is written in
Java and uses the Apache/Jakarta library POI for reading Thumbs.db

How to install and run:

1. Get the apache/jakarta/poi binary and unzip the file
   "poi-2.5.1-final-20040804.jar" (or whatever the exact name may be)
   into a directory of your choice, usually the one where you keep
   third-party libraries. For downloading POI, see
2. Edit the file thumbsup.bat. You have to change the paths
   appropriately.  Note: ThumbsUp requires Java 1.5.0.
3. Run thumbsup.bat with the following parameters:

   thumbsup.bat <path-to-thumbs.db> <out-dir>
4. ThumbsUp reads the file that is given by the first parameter. This
   must be a Thumbs.db file, specified by its full path. ThumbsUp then
   writes a bunch of JPG files to <out-dir>, which are the
   thumbnails conained in the Thumbs.db file.


The binary (jar)
The source

Open Issues

Harald Vogt