Python Extension for Windows 2000 IrDA Sockets

If you are looking for an IrCOMM driver for Windows 2000, you might try one of the following sites: Extended Systems sells one (try this link: Extended Systems German IrCOMM information page or Maybe you find one at Nokia's web site or try the freeware driver you find at Jan Kiszka's site which is a German site, but there is also information in English available. Why doesn't Microsoft build IrDA support in Win2k? Probably because you (the customer) have problems with the concept of virtual ports! You didn't know? Read more about it here: Windows 2000 IrDA support.

Here you can find a replacement for socketmodule.c from the Python library which contains support for IrDA sockets which are used under Windows 2000.

To use it, replace the file socketmodule.c in the directory Modules of the Python source tree, and recompile the library. The file python15.dll is created and must be moved to the "appropriate" place... I assume you know what you're doing.

Changes made:

Changes not yet made:

An example program is to follow...

For Python 1.5.2: socketmodule.c

Harald Vogt
Last modified: Wed Jun 20 16:11:38 MEST 2001