The late history of a tea bag wrapping

This tea bag wrapping contained a tea bag with vanilla flavoured tea. It was manufactured by R Twining and Company Ltd.. The tea bag was purchased on Thursday, 21 December 2000 at the Informatikbar of ETH Zürich by Harald Vogt who was in a state of illness since he had a cold on that day. Symptoms were a running nose and a light headache [further information on headaches], which was fought with two tablets of ASS-ratiopharm® 500 which contains Aspirin. The tea was prepared at 15:30 in room D48.2 of the IFW building in Zürich and consumed within 10 minutes. The tea water was boiled in a Tefal water boiler owned by Svetlana Domnitcheva.

Another cup of tea was consumed right before the consumption of this vanilla flavoured tea from the same cup. This was a no-named brand purchased from Aldi on an unknown date. The cup originates from a conference on chip cards in March 1998 in Munich.

Original TIFF file is teabag.tif

Original TIFF file is teabag_back.tif

This is a picture of the tea bag, after use.

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