ETH Zürich

Informatics II D-ITET, FS16

Gruppe 4 - Marian George

Where? HG D 5.1
When? Wednesdays, 13:15 - 14:00

Date Topics Links
02.03.16 Administratives, Java Basics, Eclispe, JUnit, Übung 1 Slides
09.03.16 Exercise 1-discussion and Exercise 2-hints Slides
16.03.16 Exercise 2-discussion and Exercise 3-hints Slides
23.03.16 Exercise 3-discussion and Exercise 4-hints Slides
06.04.16 Exercise 4-discussion and Exercise 5-hints Slides
13.04.16 Exercise 5-discussion and Exercise 6-hints Slides
20.04.16 Exercise 6-discussion and Exercise 7-hints, Demo Player Slides Jar HowTo
27.04.16 Exercise 7-discussion and Exercise 8-hints Slides
04.05.16 Exercise 8-discussion and Exercise 9-hints Slides
11.05.16 Exercise 9-discussion and Exercise 10-hints Slides
18.05.16 Exercise 10-discussion and Exercise 11-hints Slides
25.05.16 Exercise 11-discussion and Exercise 12-hints Slides