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Erbium (Er) REST Engine and CoAP Implementation for Contiki

Erbium (Er) is a low-power REST Engine for Contiki that was developed together with SICS (and a rare earth element that is found in the Ytterby mine near Stockholm). The REST Engine includes a comprehensive embedded CoAP implementation, which became the official one for the Contiki OS. It supports RFC 7252 together with blockwise transfers and observing.

Our CoAP C implementation was successfully tested at the ETSI IoT CoAP Plugtests in Paris, France, March 2012 and Sophia Antipolis, France, November 2012. It passed all mandatory and optional tests with all the other implementations that supported them. Erbium is also used to implement the IPSO Profile and tested at the IPSO Interop Event in Paris, France, April 2012.


  • Official Contiki repository (recommended)
    git clone git://
  • GitHub fork (for cooperating sky, avr-raven, avr-mega128rfa1 (de-rfmega128), redbee-econotag, and native platforms)
  • Logo (512x512)
  • Box (549x512)


  • Matthias Kovatsch, Simon Duquennoy, Adam Dunkels
    A Low-Power CoAP for Contiki.
    Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS 2011). Valencia, Spain, October 2011
    Abstract, BibTeX, Paper (.pdf)

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