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Torsten Sattler

Torsten Sattler

ETH Zürich
Universitätstrasse 6
CH-8092 Zürich

Department of Computer Science
Computer Vision and Geometry Group
CNB G 104

+41 (0)44 63 37 568



About Me

I am a senior researcher at the Computer Vision and Geometry (CVG) Group of the Institute for Visual Computing of the Department of Computer Science> at ETH Zurich headed by Prof. Marc Pollefeys. I am currently Prof. Pollefeys deputy while he is on a sabbatical. I am currently working on Google's Project Tango and the Trimbot2020 project, where I lead the effort on one of the work packages. Previously, I was involved in the V-Charge project on self-driving cars.

Before joining the CVG group in December 2013, I was part of the Computer Graphics Group of Prof. Leif Kobbelt at RWTH Aachen University, where I obtained my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Leif Kobbelt and Prof. Bastian Leibe.

My research interests include large-scale and mobile image-based localization, image retrieval, camera pose estimation, geometric verification, and Structure-from-Motion. I am especially interested in using a higher-level (semantic) understanding of scenes to solve hard localization and mapping problems such as localization under day-night changes and mapping in complex and dynamic scenes.

Please visit the project page on image-based localization at the Computer Graphics Group, RWTH Aachen University, for software and datasets from my previous publications.

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