Inferred from UniProtKB keywords
The visualizations presented here accompany the paper entitled Quality of Computationally Inferred Gene Ontology Annotations by N. Skunca, A. Altenhoff, and C. Dessimoz.

Reliability is compared to coverage for the Gene Ontology (GO) terms of the three ontologies: Biological Process, Cellular Component, and Molecular Function.

Interacting with the chart:

Each disc represents a Gene Ontology (GO) term. Hovering above the disc reveals the definition of the GO term, while clicking on the disc or marking the checkbox on the right hand side keeps the definition visible. The position of the definition can be changed; the "elastic line" connects the definition with the corresponding disc. The drop-down menu for the x-axis, y-axis, colour, and the size of the disc allows a selection of the presented values. The default values put reliability on the x-axis and coverage on the y-axis, the ontology of the GO term determines the colour, and the generality determines the size of the disc. The opacity of the discs that are not selected can be modified by clicking on the wrench icon in the lower right hand corner.

Clicking the button with the "play" icon moves the disc by connecting the coordinates obtained in two consecutive analyses. The speed of the movement can be changed by moving the "playback speed" icon up or down.