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Vincent Becker
M.Sc. Computer Science

ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)
Department of Computer Science
Distributed Systems Group
ETH Zentrum, CNB H 108
Universitätsstrasse 6
CH-8092 Zürich

phone:+41 44 632 78 71
ORCiD:ORCID iD icon0000-0003-0522-0312

Vincent Becker


Short Curriculum Vitae

I am a PhD student in the Distributed Systems Group at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Friedemann Mattern. I joined the group in April 2016. Before, I received both my M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany. During my studies I stayed at Carnegie Mellon University, US, from October 2013 until February 2014, to compose my Bachelor's thesis. Furthermore, I stayed at LIAAD, INESC TEC in Porto, Portugal, from September 2015 until March 2016 to do my Master's thesis.

Research Interests

My research at ETH Zurich focusses in general on machine learning and data mining.
  • Previously I worked on estimating potential savings in heating energy using occupancy detection to determine whether a household is occupied.
  • I am interested in the field of interactions with smart devices. This includes, e.g., object detection from a video stream on mobile devices, gesture-based control of devices, etc.


  • HS 2016 Distributed Systems as teaching assistant
  • FS 2017 Informatik II as co-head teaching assistant
  • HS 2017 Distributed Systems as teaching assistant

Other Activities

I was a reviewer for Energieinformatik 2017, ACM SAC 2017 (Data Streams track), the Machine Learning Journal (Springer), ACM SAC 2016, IEEE TKDE and FCT 2016.

Available projects

Available Projects

M Deep Learning for Object Recognition on Mobile Devices Vincent Beckeravailable

Supervised student projects

Assigned Projects

M Pursuit-based Interaction on Unmodified Devices Alexander KayedMihai Bâce,
Vincent Becker
HS 17

Completed Projects

M Exploring device control in Augmented Reality Felix RauchensteinVincent BeckerHS 17
B Recognizing Snapping and Clapping using Smartwatch Microphones and Accelerometer Linus FesslerVincent BeckerHS 17
B Multiple finger identification and strength recognition with Myo EMG Pietro OldratiLiliana Barrios,
Vincent Becker
HS 17
M Short Term Load Forecasting Maximilian Wurmvcoroama,
Vincent Becker
FS 17
M Deep learning for real-time gaze estimation on mobile devices Erfan AbdiMihai Bâce,
Vincent Becker
FS 17
B Gesture Recognition from EMG using the Myo armband Chris MnukVincent BeckerFS 17



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