Exercises and examples of Chapter 4 in P. Arbenz and W. Petersen,
Introduction to Parallel Computing, Oxford Univ. Press, 2004.

EXERCISES (Uebungen):

Exercise 4.1 (Uebung 4.1) Cray version: A version of Bonny Toy's C Linpack benchmark test. The timer used is the Cray timer
second, a Fortran library routine.
Exercise 4.1 (Uebung 4.1): A slightly modified version of Bonny Toy's C version of the Linpack . benchmark. The
modifications concern the timing routine second , which in Ms. Toy's version can be a little
painful to port to Linux machines. Her version predated Linux (1988). A Cray version
version is given above.

OpenMP dot: inner product test (Section
OpenMP matrix multiply: matrix multiply test (Section 4.8).
OpenMP generic FFT: OMP form for the generic binary radix FFT (Section 4.8.3).
OpenMP master FFT: OMP form for the in-place binary radix FFT, plus symmetries.
Linpack : OpenMP version of the classic Linpack benchmark (SGEFA). Tar file contains:
README, makefilec, sscal.c, sswap.c, sgesl.c, wpsgefa4.c, wc.sgefat.c (see Section 3.6).

Also see BLAS and Benchmark.