Lukas Burkhalter

Ph.D. Student @ACG @PPSLab ETH Zürich

Ph.D. Student @ACG @PPSLab ETH Zürich

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About Me

I am fourth year Ph.D. student in the Applied Cryptography Group and the Privacy Preserving Systems Lab at ETH Zurich, where I am advised by Prof. Kenny Paterson, Prof. Friedemann Mattern, and co-advised by Dr. Anwar Hithnawi. I graduated from ETH Zurich in 2017 with a Master of Science in Computer Science. Before that, I did my B.Sc. studies at ETH Zurich.


I build systems that use cryptography to give users more control on how their data is shared and processed. Selected recent work includes: (i) TimeCrypt, a time-series storage that enables efficient confidential query processing coupled with user-enforceable data sharing, (ii) Zeph, a system that enforces a user's privacy preferences in streaming data applications.



Posters and Demos


Slides, Video
  • ETH Zurich, Systems Lunch Seminar - February 2020
  • Intel, Santa Clara, CA - February 2020
  • USENIX NSDI, Santa Clara, CA - February 2020
  • UC Berkeley, CA, RISE Security Seminar - March 2019
  • UC Berkeley, CA, NetSys Lunch Seminar - July 2018



Student Projects

Interested students in conducting bachelor/master thesis or a lab project in one of the following described projects can either send me an email or just drop by my office for a coffee to discuss further details. I am always looking for motivated and interested students who are ambitious about participating in ongoing research work.

Assigned Projects
Type Title Student Supervisor Semester

Completed Projects
Type Title Student Supervisor Semester
M Scalable and Robust Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning Hidde Lycklama Lukas Burkhalter
SS 20
M Extending the Functionality of TimeCrypt Max Schrimpf Lukas Burkhalter
SS 20
M Enforcement of Privacy Policiesvia Encryption for Distributed Unbounded Data Nicolas Küchler Lukas Burkhalter
SS 20
M Towards Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning Matthias Lei Lukas Burkhalter
SS 19
B Key Distribution and Management for Efficient Key Updates and Sharing of IoT Data Jason Friedman Lukas Burkhalter Hossein Shafagh
SS 18
M Modular and Scalable Encrypted Time Series Data Processing Simon Peyer Hossein Shafagh
Lukas Burkhalter
SS 18
M Secure Sharing and Querying of Multidimensional Time-series Data Misels Kaporins Hossein Shafagh
Anwar Hithnawi, Lukas Burkhalter
AS 17


Spring Semester

  • Informatik II für ITET (2018)
  • Informatik I für ITET (2020)

Autumn Semester