2nd Joint Meeting of AMS, DMV, and ÖMG at Mainz

Discrete Geometry (J. E. Goodman, E. Welzl, G. M. Ziegler)

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Staudinger Weg 9, Institute of Mathematics, 1st floor, room 01-525 (SR-K)


Thursday, June 16, 2005
9:30 Jörg Wills, Ehrhart Polynomial and Successive Minima
10:00 Komei Fukuda, The Nesterov Rounding and Perfectly Centered Polytopes
10:30 Oswin Aichholzer, Points and Combinatorics
11:00 Troy L. Goodsell, Strong General Position for Simplicial Complexes

Friday, June 17, 2005
13:30 Günter Rote, Strictly Convex Drawings of Planar Graphs
14:30 Francis Edward Su, Halving the Colors of a Kneser Coloring
15:00 Konstantin Rybnikov, Convexity in Polyhedral Spaces
15:30 Julian Pfeifle, Volume Bounds for Lattice Tetrahedra
16:30 Ricky Pollack, A New Methodology in Geometric Transversal Theory
17:30 Uli Wagner, k-Sets and Topological Invariants of Plane Curves
18:00 Jesus De Loera, All Rational Convex Polytopes are 3-Way Transportation Polytopes
18:30 Micha Sharir, Counting Crossing-Free Configurations in the Plane

Saturday, June 18, 2005
12:30 Pankaj K. Agarwal, Protein Docking using Elevation
13:30 Valeriu Soltan, Isothetic Parallelotopes and the Binary Intersection Property
14:00 Monika Ludwig, Valuations on Simplices
14:30 Volker Kaibel, Revlex-Initial 0/1-Polytopes
15:30 Thorsten Theobald, On the Frontiers of Polynomial Computations in Tropical Geometry
16:00 Bernd Gärtner, Linear Programming and Unique Sink Orientations
16:30 Stefan Felsner, Orthogonal Surfaces in Four and More Dimensions
17:00 Francisco Santos, Pseudo-Triangulations, Rigidity and Planar Graphs
17:30 Wlodzimierz Kuperberg, On the Vacancy Phenomenon in Finite Sphere Packings

List of Participants (May 17, 2005)

Current Number of Registrations 38

Agarwal, Pankaj; Aichholzer, Oswin; Binder, Christa; De Loera, Jesus; Eisenkoelbl, Theresia;
Feichtner, Eva-Maria; Felsner, Stefan; Frank, Rolfdieter; Fukuda, Komei; Goodman, Jacob E.;
Goodsell, Troy; Hazewinkel, Michiel; Hersh, Patricia; Holm, Thorsten; Joswig, Michael;
Kaibel, Volker; Kerber, Michael; King, Simon; Kuperberg, Wlodzimierz; Ludwig, Monika;
Nickel, Werner; Pfeifle, Julian; Rote, Günter; Santos, Francisco; Schmid, Wolfgang A.;
Schmitt, Peter; Schulz, Ralph-Hardo; Schürmann, Achill; Sergi, Elizalde; Sharir, Micha;
Su, Francis; Theobald, Thorsten; Wagner, Uli; Welker, Volkmar; Welzl, Emo;
Wills, Joerg M.; Zhao, Jianqiang; Ziegler, Günter M.

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