Quantised State System Simulation in Dymola/Modelica Using the DEVS Formalism



Continuous-time systems can be converted to discrete-event descriptions using the Quantised State Systems (QSS) formalism. Hence it is possible to simulate continuous-time systems using a discrete-event simulation tool, such as a simulation engine based on the DEVS formalism.

A new Dymola library, Modelica-DEVS, was developed that implements the DEVS formalism.

DEVS has been shown to be efficient for the simulation of systems exhibiting frequent switching operations, such as flyback converters. Modelica-DEVS contains a number of basic components that can be used to carry out DEVS simulations of physical systems. Furthermore, it is also possible - with some restrictions - to combine the two simulation types of Modelica-DEVS and Dymola (discrete-event and discrete-time simulation) and create hybrid models that contain Modelica-DEVS as well as standard Dymola components.

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