Komei Fukuda's Homepage

Postal Address
ETH Zurich, CAB G33.3, Universitaetstr. 6, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland
Two Affiliations
Department of Mathematics, ETHZ
Theory of Combinatorial Algorithms, ETHZ
Office Location
CAB G33.3, ETH Zentrum, tel +41-44-632-4023, fax +41-44-632-1063

Lectures and Seminars
Student Seminar in Combinatorics: Linear Complementarity, Autumn 2015, ETHZ
Student Seminar in Combinatorics: Mathematical Software, Autumn 2014, ETHZ
Student Seminar in Combinatorics: Theory of Oriented Matroids, Autumn 2013, ETHZ
Student Seminar in Combinatorics: The Sylvester-Gallai Theorem and Its Relatives, Autumn 2012, ETHZ
Polyhedral Computation, Spring 2016, ETHZ
Introduction to Optimization, Autumn 2011, ETHZ
Integer Programming, Spring 2010, ETHZ
Nonlinear Discrete Optimization by Shmuel Onn, Spring 2009, ETHZ
Optimization and Applications Seminar, ETHZ
Mittagsseminar, Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, ETHZ
Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics: Polytopes, Winter 2004, ETHZ
Optimization in Discrete Geometry, Summer 2006, TU Berlin
Research Activities
Clarkson's Algorithm for Polyhedral Representation: Two Experiments
Research Projects
Software and FAQ's
Conferences and Workshops (FJ 2017, ETH-Japan 2012, OR2011, EuroCG 2011, NAPIO '08)
Doctoral Students
May Szedlák
See also Mathematics Genealogy Project
Publication Issues
Publishing a Book with a Big Publiser? Think Twice
League for Programming Freedom
Zurich Mitakai
My Old Homepage

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