Publisher Might Say that Your Rights are Well Protected

After more than four months, the editor responded to my request. In my request, the most important issue is that I do not want the publisher to decide about any derivative product (such as revisions, translations, multimedia products) without the author's consent.

Here is the editor's response.

It says that my request to add a phrase "with the permission of the author" in Clause 6.4 on granting licenses for derivative products is a sticking point for the publisher. Furthermore, they claim that I do not need this modification thanks to the Swiss moral law:

"If the author wants to have a say in what licenses are concluded for reuse of his content or parts of it, then that is covered by the author’s moral rights (by Swiss law ...) ... So you have the right to refuse any modification of the book and clause 6.4 cannot take it away. "

The publisher's explanation sounded like an excuse. Yet, because I do not have any expert knowledge on Swiss laws, I decided to consult with a team of Swiss lawyers specialized in copyright issues.

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Last updated: May 11, 2019