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Last update: July 12, 2018

    Currently, the C-library version cddlib of cdd packages is the only one being updated, while standalone codes cdd and cddplus are still useful. To know what cdd, cddplus and cddlib are, please read
    cddlib readme and cddplus readme
    Manuals (html version):
    cdd/cdd+ manual
    cddlib manual
    Get source codes:
    cddlib package is available only from GitHub . The older packages (up to cddlib-094i) can be found in cdd directory
    cdd package cdd-061a.tar.gz
    cddplus package cdd+-077a.tar.gz (to be compled with g++ 4.1. With more recent g++, try patch). With g++ 3.1, use cdd+-077.tar.gz
    To know the implementation:
    ``The double description revisited'' gzipped ps file
    To learn the fundamental concepts of Convex Hull, Vornonoi, Delaunay, etc.:
    ``Polyhedral Computation FAQ'' html version or pdf file
    Links to cdd/cdd+/cddlib users and more.

Illustration of Double Description Method of Motzkin et al.

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