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Last update: October 21, 2022

    Currently, the C-library version cddlib of cdd packages is the only one being updated, while standalone codes cdd and cddplus might be still useful.
    cddlib manual (newest for cddlib-0.94m, not included in the cddlib-0.94m package). See the Section 8, in particular.
    Get source codes:
    cddlib package is available only from GitHub . The older packages (up to cddlib-094i) can be found in cdd directory
    cdd package cdd-061a.tar.gz
    cddplus package cdd+-077a.tar.gz (to be compled with g++ 4.1. With more recent g++, try patch). With g++ 3.1, use cdd+-077.tar.gz
    To know the implementation:
    ``The double description revisited'' link
    To learn the fundamental concepts of Convex Hull, Vornonoi, Delaunay, etc.:
    ``Polyhedral Computation FAQ'' pdf file (latest, Jan 15, 2022). The html version is available here. The latex source is available at Polyheral FAQ GitHub page, which was kindly created and is maintained by Dmitrii Pasechnik. Old versions (June 18, 2006) html version or pdf file
    Links to cdd/cdd+/cddlib users and more.

Illustration of Double Description Method of Motzkin et al.

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