WORKSHOP PROGRAM ( pdf version)
Geometric Combinatorics and Optimization

May 23-25, 2005, FIM, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

May 23 (Monday)
09:05-09:15 Opening  
Session 1-1 NW B 83 [G. Kalai]
09:15-10:15 Imre Bárány The randomised integer convex hull
10:45-11:45 Jesús de Loera Generating function algorithms and software for integer optimization
Session 1-2 NW B 83 [H.-J. Lüthi]
13:30-14:30 Pablo Parrilo Having fun with polynomials: semialgebraic games and SOS/SDP
14:45-15:45 Tamás Terlaky How good are interior point methods? Klee-Minty cubes tighten iteration-complexity bounds
Session 1-3 HG E 41 [K. Fukuda]
16:30-18:00 Alexander Schrijver New code bounds with algebra and semidefinite programming
18:05 Apero FIM
May 24 (Tuesday)
Session 2-1 HG D 16.2 [E. Welzl]
09:15-10:15 Jürgen Richter-Gebert Incidence theorems on manifolds
10:45-11:45 Jiri Matousek Voronoi diagrams with neutral zones
Session 2-2 HG D 16.2 [A. Barvinok]
13:30-14:30 Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov Equivariant obstructions to graph colorings
14:45-15:45 Gyula Károlyi Structure theorems for set addition: the power of the combinatorial Nullstellensatz
Session 2-3 HG D 16.2 [R. Thomas]
16:00-17:00 Gil Kalai Topological Helly type theorems
19:00 Banquet Fischstube Zürichhorn (
May 25 (Wednesday)
Session 3-1 HG G HWZ (G 43) [E. Feichtner]
09:15-10:15 Alexander Barvinok Problems and results in lattice point counting
10:30-12:00 Bernd Sturmfels Parametric inference via polytope algebra
Session 3-2 HG D 16.2 [P. Parrilo]
13:30-14:30 Rekha Thomas The ideal of circuits of a matrix
14:45-15:45 Michele Vergne Volume of polytopes and arrangements of hyperplanes
Session 3-3 HG D 16.2 [D. Feichtner-Kozlov]
16:00-17:00 Alek Vainshtein Networks on surfaces and cells in Grassmannians

(Version May 13, 2005)


Building HG = the main building of ETH Zurich
Building NW = Clausiusstr. 25 (5 min walk from HG toward IFW)

A map of ETH Zentrum campus can be found in .


FIM (Institute for Mathematical Research), ETH Zurich

with additional support by

Institute for Operations Research (IFOR), ETHZ and

Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, ETHZ

Organizers :

Eva-Maria Feichtner,

Komei Fukuda,

Hans-Jakob Lüthi,

Emo Welzl,

Komei Fukuda 2005-05-13