Reading Group on Discrete and Distributed Algorithms

In our reading group, we read and discuss recent papers whose topic revolves around discrete and distributed algorithms, broadly interpreted. The format is informal and interactive presentations on a white board. Our goal is to get an in-depth understanding of one paper per meeting (with a top-down approach, starting from the high-level picture but also going down to some of the proof details, as much as the time admits). Our meetings are (usually) on Fridays 1 to 4 pm, in CAB G34. Everyone is welcome to join.

Suggestions: We welcome suggestions. If you know of a paper that might be of interest to us (your work or that of others), please let us know by filling out this form. If you happen to be in Zurich and would be interested in explaining the paper yourself, even better! Please indicate that in the form, or by sending an email to Mohsen, and we'll try to find a time slot for your presentation, as soon as possible.