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To specify which protocol we wish Darwin to use when generating graphs and plots, we set the system variable plotdevice via the Set command (§[*]).

The option tek causes Darwin to produce code compatible with the UNIX functions graph, tplot and DrawPlot. Only simple line drawings can be produced by Darwin for this format.

> Set(plotdevice=tek);
Darwin will produce POSTSCRIPT code in portrait format (7.5''wide and 10.5'' high without scaling) when placed in psportrait mode.
> Set(plotdevice=psportrait);
POSTSCRIPT code in landscape format (10.5'' wide by 7.5''high without scaling) is specified by either pslandscape or ps.
> Set(plotdevice=pslandscape);
> Set(plotdevice=ps);
By default, the plotdevice is set to pslandscape.

Gaston Gonnet