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Pretty Print

Calling Sequence:
$e_{1}, e_{2}, \ldots$)
ei : expression

Synopsis: This function attempts to print out the contents of each ei in a pretty manner.

Any user-defined data structures named, for example usersDataStruct, can make use of the print command by creating a procedure named $usersDataStruct\_print$. This routine should detail the manner in which the data structure is to be sent to the standard output. Any invocation of the print statement on an object of type usersDataStruct will automatically invoke this routine. All built-in Darwin data structures have such a routine. See section [*] for more details.


> x := [[1, 2], [3, 4]];
> y := 'A pretty way to print a square matrix: ';
> print(y, x);
> print('Creating a quote \'' and a backslash \\');

See also: lprint, printf(This entry contains a table of all conversion patterns and cursor control characters.)

Gaston Gonnet