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Refine Shake

Calling Sequences:
Refine Shake(
m, DM)
m : Match
DM : DayMatrix

Returns: Match

Synposis: The LocalAlign function implements the Smith-Waterman algorithm [25] to find the best local alignment, ie. an alignment which is a subsequence of the amino acid sequences m1 and m2 contained in m. It computes this alignment at PAM distance defined by the similarity matrix DM.


> DB := ReadDb('~cbrg/DB/SwissProt'):   CreateDayMatrices():
> m := Match(op(Sequence(Entry(8588))), op(Sequence(Entry(8577)))):
> m := LocalAlign(m, DM);           # compute best local alignment at 250 PAM
> print(m);

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Gaston Gonnet