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Initializing Your Darwin Session

If you find that you are ritually executing the same set of statements each time you begin your Darwin session, you may want to create a .darwininit file in your home directory. Each time you start the Darwin environment, the system loads this file automatically (it essentially performs a ReadProgram('.darwininit'); statement). Any set of legal statements can be placed in here including ReadRawFile and ReadLibrary commands. A typical .darwininit file might look like this

> CreateDayMatrices();               # calculate the Dayhoff matrices
> PepDB := ReadDb('~cbrg/DB/SwissProt');            # load Swiss-Prot
> NucDB := ReadDb('~cbrg/DB/EMBL');          # load the EMBL database
> ReadLibrary('MultiAlign');       # library file for performing MSAs

Gaston Gonnet