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  • Surname
  • Hossle
  • First Name
  • Nora
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  • STF H 322


  • NEWCock, D., Ramdas, A., Schwyn, D., Giardino, M., Turowski, A., He, Z., Hossle, N., Korolija, D., Licciardello, M., Martsenko, K., Achermann, R., Alonso, G. and Roscoe, T. Enzian: An Open, General, CPU/FPGA Platform for Systems Software Research Published at ASPLOS, 2022. Available at:
  • Achermann, R., Cock, D., Haecki, R., Hossle, N., Humbel, L., Roscoe, T. and Schwyn, D. mmapx: Uniform memory protection in a heterogeneous world. Published at HotOS XVIII, 2021. Available at:
  • Achermann, R., Hossle, N., Humbel, L., Schwyn, D., Cock, D., and Roscoe, T. Secure Memory Management on Modern Hardware. Unpublished as of yet, available at:
  • Hossle, N. Multiple address spaces in a distributed capability system. Master’s thesis, ETH Zürich, 2019. Available at:

About me

I've started my Ph.D. in November 2019, shortly after completing my master's degree in Computer Science with focus on distributed systems (both at ETH Zürich). My master's thesis was supervised by Prof. Timothy Roscoe, you can find it listed under "Publications". I am still being advised by Prof. Timothy Roscoe and am currently part of ETH Zürich's Systems Group.