Harald Vogt


Harald Vogt
Haldeneggsteig 4
ETH Zentrum, IFW
CH-8092 Zürich

phone: +41-1-632 07 68
fax: +41-1-632 16 59
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WWW: www.inf.ethz.ch/~hvogt


Selected Student Projects

Intrusion Detection and Failure Recovery in Sensor Networks (M). M. Strasser, 2005
Multipfad-Protokolle zur sicheren Kommunikation in Ad-hoc und Sensornetzen (M). C. Munari, 2005
Synchronisation mit portablen Medien (L). U. Breu, B. Ziswiler, 2005
Simulation und Visualisierung eines sicheren Kommunikationsprotokolls (S). C. Munari, 2004
Schlüsselvereinbarung in Sensornetzen (S). P. Moor, M. Strasser, 2004
Remote Jukebox (D). S. Müller, 2003
Bluetooth MP3-Player (P). S. Rumley, 2003 [www]
Zugriffskontrolle im Pervasive Computing (D). F. Segginger, 2003
Peer-to-Peer-Radio mit Erkennung von Freeloadern (S). M. Kaufmann, 2003 [www]
Chained Downloading (S). M. Brändli, 2003
Authentisierung mittels Java uns Smartcards unter Linux (S). C. Decurtins, 2000


Information Security (2005)
Distributed Systems (2004/05)
Informatik II (2004)
Informatik II (2003)
Seminar Sensornetze (2003)
Informatik II (2002)
Seminar Verteilte Systeme (2002)
Logik (2001/02)
Informatik II (2001)
Networked Systems (2000/01)

Workshop Organization

Workshop on Security and Privacy in Pervasive Computing at Pervasive 2004, Vienna, Austria, April 20, 2004
2nd Workshop on Security in Ubiquitous Computing, Seattle, USA, October 12, 2003


Version Tracker
ThumbsUp - Produce JPG files from a Windows Thumbs.db file
Change Screen Resolution in Windows
Presentation Platform
Zurich main station, 23/11/02 13:00
Linux/KDE/Win2k Cheating How to get a running system

A hint on how to create password entries for a CVS server.

I-Code: The Philips I-Code system is an RFID technology that allows for contactless identification of objects that have an RFID tag attached. Since this stuff comes only with a Windows DLL, we made a wrapper for making it usable with Java and Kay started a Linux driver as well.

Pictures of a used tea bag wrapper. Used as an example of how the world could be if every thing on earth had a story to tell. It is silly to use a tea bag wrapper, but the idea of including all objects applies to tea bags as well, and shouldn't such ideas be thought out consequently to the end?

Windows 2000 IrDA Extension for Python: pyirda

Python binding for PC/SC for Linux: pysmart