about me

I'm a visiting scholar at the RISELab, UC Berkeley, and a senior researcher (oberassistent) at the Systems Group, ETH Zurich. Before joining ETH, I was a visiting research fellow at the University of Hong Kong (2013-2014), and a research assistant at the Information Systems Management Institute (IMSI) of the Research and Innovation Center 'Athena', Greece (2009-2015). I obtained a 5-year diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2008, and a PhD in 2015, both from NTU Athens, Greece. My research interests lie in the areas of dataflow systems, databases, real-time data analytics, streaming engines, graph data management, and software-defined networks. I'm currently working on Ray and Strymon.

want to join our Strymon team?

We're always looking for talented Bachelor/Master/PhD students to join us! Please have a look here and drop me a line if you're interested.


ETH Zurich
Department of Computer Science, Systems Group
CAB E 61.1, Universitatstrasse 6, 8092, Zurich, Switzerland
+41 44 632 5965