Liliana Barrios

Ph.D. student
Ph.D. student

I am a Research Assistant and Ph.D. student in the Distributed Systems Group and in the Sensing, Interaction & Perception Lab at ETH Zurich under Prof. Friedemann Mattern's and Prof. Christian Holz's supervision. I started my Ph.D. in May 2017, after completing my M.Sc degree in Informatics from UZH in 2016. Before that, I received my Dipl.-Ing. in Computer Science from Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela, in 2012.

My research topic has a focus on health and informatics. In particular, in developing mobile-based outcomes parameters that allow remote monitoring of fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. By leveraging smartphones and wearable devices, we can help clinicians understand complex conditions like MS, which has been hampered by the limited standard clinical environment that traditionally offers short-term or even single time-point measurements over prolonged periods (e.g., once per year). Smartphones and multi-sensor wearable devices could overcome these limitations by allowing unobtrusive, continuous monitoring over a long-term period.


  • Cognitive fatigability assessment test (cFAST): development of a new instrument to assess cognitive fatigability and pilot study on its association to perceived fatigue in multiple sclerosis.
    Liliana Barrios, Rok Amon, Pietro Oldrati, Marc Hilty, Christian Holz, Andreas Lutterotti.
    SAGE: Digital Health 2022.
    PDF, 10.1177/20552076221117740

  • Continuous monitoring with wearables in multiple sclerosis reveals an association of cardiac autonomic dysfunction with disease severity.
    Marc Hilty, Pietro Oldrati, Liliana Barrios, Tamara Müller, Claudia Blumer, Magdalena Foege, PHRT consortium, Christian Holz, Andreas Lutterotti.
    Multiple Sclerosis Journal: Experimental, Translational and Clinical 2022.
    PDF, doi:10.1177/20552173221103436

  • Smartphone-Based Tapping Frequency as a Surrogate for Perceived Fatigue. An in-the-Wild Feasibility Study in Multiple Sclerosis Patients.
    Liliana Barrios, Pietro Oldrati, Marc Hilty, David Lindlbauer, Christian Holz, Andreas Lutterotti.
    Proceedings of ACM IMWUT 2021.
    PDF, abstract, doi:10.1145/3478098

  • A Rapid Tapping Task on Commodity Smartphones to Assess Motor Fatigability.
    Liliana Barrios, Pietro Oldrati, David Lindlbauer, Marc Hilty, Helen Hayward-Koennecke, Christian Holz, Andreas Lutterotti.
    Proceedings of ACM CHI 2020.
    PDF, abstract, doi:10.1145/3313831.3376588

  • Evaluating the accuracy of heart rate sensors based on photoplethysmography for in-the-wild analysis.
    Liliana Barrios, Pietro Oldrati, Silvia Santini, Andreas Lutterotti.
    Proceedings of ACM EAI PervasiveHealth 2019.
    PDF, abstract, doi:10.1145/3329189.3329215

  • TouchSense: Classifying Finger Touches and Measuring their Force with an Electromyography Armband.
    Vincent Becker, Pietro Oldrati, Liliana Barrios, Gábor Sörös
    Proceedings of ACM ISWC 2018.
    PDF, abstract, doi:10.1145/3267242.3267250

  • The Comfstat – Automatically sensing thermal comfort for smart thermostats.
    Liliana Barrios, Wilhelm Kleiminger.
    Proceedings of IEEE PerCom 2017.
    PDF, abstract, doi:10.1109/PERCOM.2017.7917872

  • Posters
  • BrainShare: A Glimpse of Social Interaction for Locked-in Syndrome Patients.
    Sarah Faltaous, Gabriel Haas, Liliana Barrios, Andreas Seiderer, Sebastian Felix Rauh, Han Joo Chae, Stefan Schneegass, Florian Alt.
    Proceedings of ACM CHI 2019 Extended Abstracts.
    PDF, abstract, doi:10.1145/3290607.3312754

  • TouchSense: Classifying and Measuring the Force of Finger Touches with an Electromyography Armband.
    Vincent Becker, Pietro Oldrati, Liliana Barrios, Gábor Sörös
    Proceedings of Augmented Human 2018.
    PDF, abstract, doi:10.1145/3174910.3174947

  • Recognizing Digital Biomarkers for Fatigue Assessment in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
    Liliana Barrios, Pietro Oldrati, Silvia Santini, Andreas Lutterotti.
    Proceedings of EAI PervasiveHealth 2018.
    PDF, abstract, doi:10.4108/eai.20-4-2018.2276340


Interested students in conducting bachelor/master thesis or a lab project in one of the following described projects can either send me an email or just drop by my office for a coffee to discuss further details. I am always looking for motivated and interested students who are ambitious about participating in ongoing research work.

Completed Projects
Type Title Student Supervisor Semester
B Optimisation of a mobile cognitive fatigability measurement Fabian Mächler Liliana Barrios
FS 21
L Smartphone-based cognitive fatigability measurement Wenjie Wang, Tianyi Xiao Liliana Barrios
FS 20
B Visualisation of wearable and smartphone sensor data Lena Csomor Liliana Barrios FS 19
M Fatigue assessment through mobile technologies Pietro Oldrati Liliana Barrios FS 19
I Smartphone-based cognitive fatigability measurement Marina Draskovic Liliana Barrios FS 19
B Mobile application for fatigue assessment Artur Gigon Liliana Barrios FS 19
B Development of smartphone-based fatigability measurements for multiple sclerosis patients Sinan Demirci Liliana Barrios FS 18
L Enabling fatigue assessment through mobile technologies Pietro Oldrati Liliana Barrios FS 18
B Finger touch classification and force estimation with an electromyography armband Pietro Oldrati Liliana Barrios
Vincent Becker
HS 17