Liliana Barrios

Ph.D. student
Ph.D. student

I am a Research Assistant and Ph.D. student in the Distributed Systems Group and in the Sensing, Interaction & Perception Lab at ETH Zurich under Prof. Friedemann Mattern's and Prof. Christian Holz's supervision. I started my Ph.D. in May 2017, after completing my M.Sc degree in Informatics from UZH in 2016. Before that, I received my Dipl.-Ing. in Computer Science from Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela, in 2012.

My research topic has a focus on health and informatics. In particular, in developing mobile-based outcomes parameters that allow remote monitoring of fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. By leveraging smartphones and wearable devices, we can help clinicians understand complex conditions like MS, which has been hampered by the limited standard clinical environment that traditionally offers short-term or even single time-point measurements over prolonged periods (e.g., once per year). Smartphones and multi-sensor wearable devices could overcome these limitations by allowing unobtrusive, continuous monitoring over a long-term period.


Interested students in conducting bachelor/master thesis or a lab project in one of the following described projects can either send me an email or just drop by my office for a coffee to discuss further details. I am always looking for motivated and interested students who are ambitious about participating in ongoing research work.

Note to Interested International Students:
Although we highly encourage international students to pursue theses or research projects within our group, we do not provide financial aid in this manner. We encourage you, though, to have a look at the exchange programs at ETH Zurich for scholarships. Please contact us well in advance to facilitate your applications.

Assigned projects
B Optimisation of a mobile cognitive fatigability measurement Fabian MächlerLiliana BarriosFS 21

Completed projects
L Smartphone-based cognitive fatigability measurement Wenjie Wang, Tianyi XiaoLiliana BarriosFS 20
P Smartphone-based cognitive fatigability measurement Marina DraskovicLiliana BarriosFS 19
M Fatigue assessment through mobile technologies Pietro OldratiLiliana BarriosFS 19
B Visualisation of wearable and smartphone sensor data Lena CsomorLiliana BarriosFS 19
B Mobile application for fatigue assessment Artur GigonLiliana BarriosFS 19
L Enabling fatigue assessment through mobile technologies Pietro OldratiLiliana BarriosFS 18
B Development of smartphone-based fatigability measurements for multiple sclerosis patients Sinan DemirciLiliana BarriosFS 18
B Multiple finger identification and strength recognition with Myo EMG Pietro OldratiLiliana Barrios,
Vincent Becker
HS 17