Markus Püschel
Computer Science
ETH Zürich




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How to Give Strong Technical Presentations


Presentations can be a great way to concisely communicate technical work to an audience and are an important tool in decision making. Unfortunately, many presentations fall far short of this goal and create an audience of email-checking laptop users. The good news is that, just like any technical discipline, one can actually learn how to create effective and attractive presentations based on principles and rules that are presented in this course.

This course covers all aspects of delivering strong presentations. I explain common mistakes, what works and what does not, and why. Then I discuss structure and content, how to explain well, as well as a set of fundamental principles from graphic design that make slides communicate effectively. These principles also apply to the presentation and visualization of data which is covered in some detail. Finally, I give some useful tips on the use of Powerpoint that simplify the creation of strong presentations.

Wherever possible I illustrate by example and present the material in a way to make it immediately applicable. The goal is to provide the knowledge that enables the participants, whether beginner or experienced presenter, to further improve their presentation skills and hence their impact whenever they step in front of an audience.


Fall 2016

Time: 17:15-19:00 (27.9, 28.9., 4.10, 5.10.)
Place: CAB G11

Fall 2015

Time: 17:15-19:00 (23.9, 24.9., 30.9, 1.10.)
Place: CAB G11