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Dr. Simon Mayer

ETH Zürich
Department of Computer Science
Distributed Systems Group
ETH Zentrum, CNB H 108
Universitätstrasse 6
CH-8092 Zürich

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Simon Mayer


About Me

I am a senior scientist with the Distributed Systems Group at ETH Zurich, and am heading the Chair for Interaction- and Communication-based Systems at the University of St. Gallen. Formerly, I was working as a research group head with the Austrian research center Pro2Future and as a senior researcher with the Web of Things Research Group at Siemens Corporate Technology in Berkeley, California. I'm also engaged in teaching at ETH, in particular in the Ubiquitous Computing course in Spring Semester.

From 2010 until 2014, I pursued my PhD at the DSG, focusing on empowering people and machine clients to interact with and manage Web-based smart environments. Before, I studied computer science at ETH Zurich and received my MSc degree in April 2010. My Master's Thesis was about facilitating the deployment, interaction, and management of smart devices within the Web of Things project. From July to November 2012, I was working within the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on connecting automobiles to the Web within the CloudThink project.

My main research topics are aspects of integrating smart things into the Web, their semantic description, and infrastructures that support human users as well as other machines in finding and interacting with the information and services provided by such devices. This work thus involves the direct, ad-hoc interaction with smart things (see here and here for more information about a recent project), the automatic creation of mashups that combine devices in smart environments to yield higher-level functionality (see here and here for recent work), and the provisioning of infrastructures and architectures for the discovery and look-up of smart things and the services they offer (the DiscoWoT and InfraWoT projects). More recently, I started to explore how we might enable human users and systems engineers to better understand (partially autonomous) complex cyber-physical systems, i.e. how to extract the runtime semantics of Explainable CPS and to explain their actions and interactions (as well as their provenance) to human users.

A complete and current list of my publications can be found at the Publications Portal of the University of St. Gallen or to my Google Scholar Profile.


Supervised Student Projects

I am always looking for motivated students who are interested in doing a bachelor, master, or lab project. If you're interested in doing a specific project described below or generally intrigued by the above topics, just drop me a line or stop by my office - there are always plenty of exciting project ideas out there :-)

Completed Projects

L A Practical Approach to Web Semantics for M2M Communication Yassin Hassan,
(Matthias Kovatsch)
Matthias Kovatsch,
Simon Mayer
HS 14
B/L Visualizing Web Interactions Yassin HassanSimon MayerFS 14
M Semantics for Smart Things: Machine Interaction within Smart Environments Nadine InhelderSimon MayerHS 13
B Device Recognition for WoT Interaction Sezer GülerSimon MayerHS 13
B Trip Optimization Recommendations for Drivers Adrian WickiSimon MayerHS 13
B Context-aware real-time Interaction with Cars Simon JutzSimon Mayer,
Leyna Sadamori
HS 13
B Context-aware real-time Interaction with Cars Thomas MeierLeyna Sadamori,
Simon Mayer
HS 13
B A Magic Lens for Visualizing Device Interactions Markus SchalchSimon Mayer,
Gábor Sörös,
Marian George
FS 13
M Ubiquitous Context-aware Device Control Gianin BaslerSimon MayerHS 12
B Smart Device Association from Shared Audio Context Michael OchSimon MayerHS 12
L Uncovering Device Whispers Bram Scheidegger,
Claude Barthels
Simon Mayer,
Christian Beckel,
Gábor Sörös
FS 12
B Creating Briefings from Heterogeneous Sources (II) Marco PolteraSimon MayerFS 12
B Creating Briefings from Heterogeneous Sources (I) Raffael BuffSimon MayerFS 12
M A Computational Marketplace for the Web of Things David KaramSimon MayerFS 11
B Adaptive User Interfaces for Smart Things Andreas TschofenSimon MayerFS 11
B Upgrading AutoWoT Claude BarthelsSimon MayerFS 11


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