Frank Mousset

moc tod liamg ta knarftessuom

I am a postdoc at Tel Aviv university, where I am hosted by Asaf Shapira and Wojciech Samotij. Before this, I did my Ph.D. at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Angelika Steger. I am broadly interested in probabilty theory and combinatorics. Here is my CV.

Selected papers

M. Harel, F. Mousset, and W. Samotij
Upper tails via entropic stability (pdf)

R. Nenadov, F. Mousset, and W. Samotij
Towards the Kohayakawa–Kreuter conjecture on asymmetric Ramsey properties (pdf)

F. Mousset, A. Noever, K. Panagiotou, and W. Samotij
On the probability of nonexistence in binomial subsets (pdf)
To appear in Annals of Probability

H. Einarsson, J. Lengler, F. Mousset, K. Panagiotou, and A. Steger
Connectivity thresholds for bounded size rules (pdf)
Annals of Applied Probability 26(5), 3206–3250

All publications

Past teaching

Algorithms Lab, ETH Zurich ('13, '16)
ACM Programming Challenges, ETH Zurich ('13, '14, '15)
Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods: Advanced Topics, ETH Zurich ('15)
Seminar on Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods, ETH Zurich ('14, '17)