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Welcome to the our Project Wiki.

My name is Hossein Shafagh, a PhD candidate at ETH Zurich.
In this private Wiki, me, my colleague Anwar Hithnawi and all our project students document all project related issues.

I started to create a wiki during my undergrad projects, which helped me to quickly figure out how I solved a problem in the past. This is specially relevant when you work with hardware and less document software. With the time, I shared the insights with other interested people. Later into my PhD I offered project students to continue this tradition.

We separate the wiki into the General part, which might be of interest to you and the Research part which is more of interest to us and our students.

Ideally, I would have spent more time to clean the general part, but finding time for this has proven to be impossible. Hence, I decided to just make this part public.

Please bear in mind, that some insights might have become obsolete over the time.


Here we cover aspects of our projects which are more of interest to the general public.

Relevant to Students and project members.

Here we gather all insights we get during different projects. We collect facts and create HowTos that we ourselves or other people might find useful.

Please use this wiki to trace and collect your

  • ideas
  • thoughts
  • links to reading material
  • problems you faced, and how you solved them
  • design decisions, and the reason behind it
  • anything else that you might find useful

Types of Thesis

Duration Credits Documentation Presentation Notes
Master's Thesis 6 months 30 CPs 50 to 100 pages, correct academic style 20min + 5min optional demo hard deadline
Bachelor's Thesis 300 hours 10 CPs up to 50 pages, academic style 15min + 5min optional demo regulations 08
Lab Project 240 hours each 10 CPs about 30 pages, report or tutorial style 10min + 5min optional demo teams of 2+ students only

Please refer to ETH's Forms and Document page for guidelines and registration forms.


  • Slides in English, talk in English or German
  • See your corresponding time above (more than one minute off either way is not good for your grade)
  • Rule of thumb is one minute per slide (plan more time when having animations)
  • Do at least one trial run where you speak aloud to get the timing right (best in front of a small audience)
  • Make sure to discuss the structure of your presentation with us to avoid any surprises
  • Start with an illustrative motivation slide that gives the context and explains the problem you want to tackle (i.e., nice picture(s) and no wall of text)
  • Usually no need for an agenda in these short presentations (maybe only if you have an unconventional structure in your Master's presentation)
    Usual outline:
    • Problem to be studied
    • Contribution of your work
    • Description of your system/model/algorithm/…
    • Main results
    • Conclusion
  • Rather use less text and more illustrations that support your spoken words
  • Show up at least 15min early and test your setup with the projector
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