Information for Prospective PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

I appreciate your interest in my research program at ETH Zurich. The group is broadly interested in programming languages and compilers, software engineering, computer security, machine learning, and educational technologies (for our research activities, see my Google Scholar profile). We are excited about tackling important, pressing, difficult problems via principled, elegant, practical solutions. Our work is published routinely in the best venues, but more importantly, our work strives for elegance and impact, both conceptual and practical.

I am always excited to recruit excellent applicants who (1) share our research style and vision, (2) are committed to top-notch research, (3) have solid, proven background in pertinent areas, and (4) are interested in working at the intersection of theory and practice.

ETH Zurich is among the most prestigious universities in the world and has one of the top Computer Science programs (e.g., ARWU, THE, QS, and CSRankings). The university offers excellent research infrastructures, and attractive salaries for PhD students (72-82K CHF / year) and post-docs (91-100K CHF / year) with generous social benefits. Full financial support is also available for outstanding BSc/MSc students who commit to pursuing a PhD through the Direct Doctorate program. The maximal duration for a position is six years. Zurich is a beautiful and safe city, and is consistently among the top in the world for its high quality of life.

If you are interested in a PhD student position, please submit your application materials to our online application system and drop me an email (at to alert me of your application. For PhD student and post-doc openings, you may also email your CV and other relevant materials to

Besides available funding from the group, here are two excellent funding opportunities for post-doc applicants:

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in pursuing such opportunities.

I am also open to host long-term and short-term academic visitors (students or faculty). If our research interests overlap, I am happy to discuss with you the possibility of hosting you at ETH --- please drop me an email.

The CS department also offers a summer research program to allow both undergraduate and graduate students to obtain research experience at ETH. Applications are open to both international and domestic students. For details, please refer to the Summer Research Fellowship program and feel free to express your interest in my research group in your application.

I thank you again for your interest and wish you the best.

Zhendong Su
Computer Science @ ETH Zurich