Paper Pool for Fall 2018

  1. DART: Directed Automated Random Testing. PLDI 2005.
  2. Towards Optimal Concolic Testing. ICSE 2018.
  3. Coverage-based Greybox Fuzzing as Markov Chain. CCS 2016.
  4. PerfFuzz: Automatically Generating Pathological Inputs. ISSTA 2018.
  5. Fairness testing: testing software for discrimination. ESEC/FSE 2017.
  6. Efficient Sampling of SAT Solutions for Testing. ICSE 2018.
  7. Compiler Validation via Equivalence Modulo Inputs. PLDI 2014.
  8. Finding missed compiler optimizations by differential testing. CC 2018.
  9. Provably correct peephole optimizations with Alive. PLDI 2015.
  10. Automatically improving accuracy for floating point expressions. PLDI 2015.
  11. Achieving high coverage for floating-point code via unconstrained programming. PLDI 2017.
  12. A Comprehensive Study of Real-World Numerical Bug Characteristics. ASE 2017.
  13. Just-in-Time Static Analysis. ISSTA 2017.
  14. Pinpoint: Fast and Precise Sparse Value Flow Analysis for Million Lines of Code. PLDI 2018.
  15. Securify: Practical Security Analysis of Smart Contracts. CCS 2018.
  16. DeepXplore: Automated Whitebox Testing of Deep Learning Systems. SOSP 2017.
  17. AI2: Safety & Robustness Certification of Neural Networks with Abstract Interpretation. S&P 2018.
  18. Formal Security Analysis of Neural Networks using Symbolic Intervals. USENIX Security 2018.
  19. Programmatic and Direct Manipulation, Together at Last. PLDI 2016.
  20. Automatic patch generation by learning correct code. POPL 2016.
  21. Neural Sketch Learning for Conditional Program Generation. ICLR 2018.
  22. Debugging reinvented. ICSE 2008.
  23. COZ: Finding Code that Counts with Causal Profiling. SOSP 2015.
  24. Towards optimization-safe systems: analyzing the impact of undefined behavior. SOSP 2013.
  25. What You Get is What You C: Controlling Side Effects in Mainstream C Compilers. S&P 2018.
  26. Into the Depths of C: Elaborating the De Facto Standards. PLDI 2016.
  27. Bringing the web up to speed with WebAssembly. PLDI 2017.