Tal Ben-Nun

Computer Science Postdoc
Member of the Scalable Parallel Computing Laboratory at ETH Zurich.
Former member of the Distributed Computing (Computer Science) and the X-ray scattering (Chemistry) labs.
Former member of the Parallel Systems Lab.

  • DaCe - Data-Centric parallel programming framework for CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.
  • Deep500 - An HPC Deep Learning benchmark, competition, and meta-framework.
  • MAPS - Device-level GPU memory abstraction and code optimization library.
  • CUDNN Training - A CUDNN-based minimal deep learning training code sample using LeNet.
  • MGBench - Multi-GPU computing benchmark suite.
  • ceres-windows - Windows port of the ceres-solver nonlinear optimization library.
  • Klogger - A Linux Kernel Logging Framework.
  • X+ - Numerical Analysis Tool for Solution and Powder Scattering Structure Factor of Macromolecular Systems.
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Tal Ben-Nun
CAB Building
Department of Computer Science
Universit├Ątstrasse 6
8092 Z├╝rich

E-Mail Address: talbninf ethz ch