Alexander Viand

Doctoral student @DSG ETH Zürich
Doctoral student

ETH Zürich
Department of Computer Science
Distributed Systems Group
ETH Zentrum, CNB H 106 Universitätstrasse 6
CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland

+41 44 632 02 73

I am a doctoral student & research assistant in the Distributed Systems Group at ETH Zürich. I joined the group in May 2017 after receiving both my MSc and BSc in Computer Science from ETH Zürich. I am interested in useable security and privacy, privacy enhancing technologies, and the interactions between these technologies and society. In my research, I work with secure computation technologies including Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Secure Multi-Party Computation and Zero-Knowledge Proofs, trying to make these techniques more accessible to non-experts by developing new systems, tools and abstractions.


I am always looking for motivated students who are interested in conducting bachelor/master thesis or lab/semester projects related to my research areas. In addition to the projects listed below, you are also very welcome to either send me an email or drop by my office to discuss further details or additional project possibilities.

Available projects
Type Title Supervisor
B/M Making Fully Homomorphic Encryption Accessible Alexander Viand

Assigned projects
Type Title Student Supervisor Semester
M Design & Evaluation of an Accessible High-Level Language for Advanced Cryptography Ulla Aeschbacher Alexander Viand AS 19
M Analysis, Design and Implementation of Advanced Optimization Strategies for the Marble FHE Compiler Patrick Jattke Alexander Viand AS 19
B Improving the Marble Fully Homomorphic Encryption Framework Mario Stöckli Alexander Viand AS 19
M Variational Autoencoder KnowledgeTransfer Matthias Niederberger David Sommer, Alexander Viand AS 19
Completed projects
Type Title Student Supervisor Semester
S Re:Versi - Move Analysis for Reversi Leo Merholz, Pascal Schärli Alexander Viand AS 18
M Differentially Private Decentralized Machine Learning Framework Alexandre Connat Alexander Viand SS 19