Latin 2000, Latin American conference on Theoretical Informatics, Punta del este, April 10-14, 2000

Views from Trin Mulin

Ariana and Marta

Views from the apartment

Latin 2000, April 10-14, Las Dunas Hotel, Maldonado

The 5th Latin American Conference in Theoretical Informatics took place in Manantiales, near Punta del Este, in Uruguay

Punta del Este is the southernmost tip of Uruguay. Manantiales is 20 km east of PdelE.

Views from the hotel

Isla de lobos

Philippe Flajolet giving his invited talk on digital trees

Various versions of the group picture

Other views from the hotel

Conference lunch at the Estancia siglo XX. It is located north of Laguna del Sauce, near the place called Repecho. Lunch was basically "asado", a uruguayan style of BBQ.

Arriving at the Estancia

A "Carreta"

Some of the dinner tables

Gadiel Seroussi

Typical uruguayan country landscape

The local hardware

Joaquim and his pipe

Nest of an "hornero", it is made of dried mud

Wojciech Szpankowski, Helmut Prodinger and Andrew Odlyzko

Philippe Flajolet, Michael Bender and Ed Coffman Jr.

Joachim von zur Gathen's talk on resultants

Thursday's dinner and short speeches

The chairman thanking the organizers

Local organizers, Alfredo Viola and Daniel Panario

Joachim von zur Gathen and organizers

Montevideo, Aparthotel Villa Biarritz, April 15-17

Views from the hotel room, Playa La Estacada

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