Sunday, January 19, 2003 -- Visit to the Sedrun worksite for the NEAT basis tunnel

The NEAT basis tunnel is a train tunnel that will cross the Alps near the Gotthard pass but at a much lower altitude, making it a straight through the Alps. Ariana and Marco gave Mario and Gaston, as a Christmas present, a guided tour to one of the five drilling sites, at Sedrun.

The trip was too long for the smokers, it required a butt-stop


Finally there, Ariana, Pedro, Marco, Patrick and Carmen

The Alps west of Sedrun

Buildings for the construction site

Mario, Marco's father

The "train" that was taking us, horizontally, into the mountain. This part was freezing cold, at least 5 degrees lower than in the town

This is what happens when you take a picture with a flash and people are wearing reflecting stripes


The main shaft going down to the main tunnel (we could not go down to the tunnel level)


An alternative, smaller shaft to the bottom


Back out, the views were spectacular(ly cold)



Headed to return the gear, at the left the cable car that links the entrance to the town

Lunch in Sedrun, Pedro, Christian, Patrick, Mario, Carmen, Marco and Ariana


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