These pages contain the code for the algorithms published in the "Handbook of Algorithms and Data Structures", second edition, by Gaston Gonnet and Ricardo Baeza. It is probably difficult to use these algorithms without having a copy of the handbook. The files under these directories contain just the code, no comments or any other explanations.

The numbering of the algorithms coincides with the numbering in the handbook. The ending ".p" indicates code in Pascal, the ending ".c" C code. For example, the file 512.ins.c contains a selection algorithm, (chapter 5), which is a priority queue (subsection 5.1), a P-tree algorithm (subsection 5.1.2), the insertion routine and in the C language. Except for the pseudo-code, all the algorithms have been compiled and tested extensively.

All the files are copyrighted by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Inc.

Basic concepts

Searching algorithms

Sorting algorithms

Selection algorithms

Arithmetic algorithms

Text algorithms

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