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About Me

I am a PhD student at ETH Zürich in the Theory of Combinatorial Algorithms Group, led by Prof. Emo Welzl

My main focus of research is Discrete and Computational Geometry. I am particularly interested in the application of topological methods to partitions of point sets and mass distributions, as well as to Helly type problems and Geometric transversals. I further work on problems regarding the combinatorial aspects of point sets.
I did my Bachelor's and my Master's degree in Mathematics at ETH Zürich. Since September 2015, I am pusuing my PHD in Theoretical Computer Science under the supervision of Emo Welzl.
Apart from Mathematics and Computer Science, I am also very interested in Music. I play the clarinet in the university orchestra Polyphonia and I have also played the tuba and conducted in several orchestra projects.

My University and Research Group