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Nucleic, Amino Acid and Genetic Code Functions

The following group of functions allow for the translation between various representations of nucleic and amino acids. The nucleic and amino acids have a predefined order placed upon them (lexicographic in either the ``three letter'' or ``full name'' representation.

It is advisable to always use these functions when extracting information from a daymatrix structure or frequency vector instead of indexing with integers.

> OrigDay := CreateOrigDayMatrix(Mutations1978, OrigFreq, 250);
> OrigDay[Sim, AToInt(Q), AToInt(F)];     # find the score for Gluatime
                                    # and Phenylalanine 
> OrigDay[Sim, 6, 14];            # This is unadvisable.
> for i to 20 do printf('%2d  %s  %s  %s\n', i, IntToA(i), IntToAAA(i), IntToAmino(i)) od;
> for i from 1 to 5 do printf('%d %s %s %s\n', i, IntToN(i), IntToNuc(i), IntToNucleic(i)); do;


Gaston Gonnet