Christmas brunch at Ariana's and dinner at Dolderstrasse,
Wednesday December 24th, 2003

Marta and Pedro preparing the tree three days before


Ariana and Marco, notice the orange walls

Eva, Marta, Gaston, Pedro and Ariana

Ignacio and Eva holding the magnet dog

Gaston reading the voucher for the Spa weekend in Vals

Marco and his cushion

Pedro getting some cookies

Ignacio and Eva opening the Erzgebirge music box


New underwear, I can change!


Steak knives for Ignacio

Pedro gets a blender

Marta gets a live flower in a can

Ignacio and Eva get the Disco ball



Ariana gets her cushion

Gaston takes a walk down Memory Lane


Dinner at Dolderstrasse

The new enlarged dinner table


The mumu bear

As usual "this year there will not be that many presents..."

An infrared picture (Gaston playing with his toys)


Sheila, Julio and Ariana

Marta serving the roast

Marco gets the ultimate book on conflict resolution, and ironically opens it to the page on "How to enchant your inlaws"

Ariana gets her top

Gaston gets a couple of long (dulce de leche) spoons


Sheila gets this year's tree ornament


Ariana gets wine glass clips


Marta gets a book by Marcus Aurelius

Marco inspects wedding dresses as Gaston falls in a coma after seeing the prices listed by Martha Stewart

Julio gets a Dali lithography

Sheila and her twin set

Marta gets her personally labelled Magnum

Marta gets lots of material for scratching

A new VCR for Marco and Ariana

Prunelle per Madame

Gaston gets some torturing (exercise) machine


Pedro showing off his new Nikon

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