Marios Papas

Associate Research Scientist
Disney Research Zurich
Office: STD 4.13, 4th Floor
Email: marios.papas_ατ
Phone: +41 4463 38873
Mail: The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland) GmbH
Stampfenbachstrasse 48
Zurich, Switzerland CH-8006

About Me

I am currently an Associate Research Scientist at Disney Research Zurich. I received my PhD from ETH Zurich in 2015 under the supervision of Wojciech Jarosz and Markus Gross.

Research Interests
My research interests focus on Appearance Capture, Modeling, and Fabrication.

The Modelling of Caustics to Produce a Projection Image [PDF], Luke Maguire, Marios Papas, Wojciech Jarosz, Phillip Fox, Greg Dicinoski, Maria Olivares. Optical Document Security Conference, February 2018.

Efficient Rendering of Heterogenous Polydisperse Granular Media [PDF] [SUP] [VID], Thomas Müller , Marios Papas, , Markus Gross, Wojciech Jarosz, Jan Novák. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia 2016, vol. 35, no. 6, December 2016.

Multi-Scale Modeling and Rendering of Granular Materials [PDF] [ERRATUM] [SUP] [VID], Johannes Meng, Marios Papas, Ralf Habel, Carsten Dachsbacher, Steve Marschner, Markus Gross, Wojciech Jarosz. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2015), vol. 34, no. 4, August 2015.

Recent Advances in Facial Appearance Capture [PDF], Oliver Klehm, Fabrice Rousselle, Marios Papas, Derek Bradley, Christophe Hery, Bernd Bickel, Wojciech Jarosz, Thabo Beeler. Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Eurographics 2015 - State of the Art Reports), May 2015.

A Physically-Based BSDF for Modeling the Appearance of Paper [PDF] [SUP], Marios Papas, Krystle de Mesa and Henrik Wann Jensen. Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EGSR 2014), June 2014.

Fabricating Translucent Materials using Continuous Pigment Mixtures [PDF] [SUP], Marios Papas, Christian Regg, Wojciech Jarosz, Bernd Bickel, Philip Jackson, Wojciech Matusik, Steve Marschner and Markus Gross. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2013), vol. 32, no. 4, July 2013., Anaheim, USA, July 2013.

The Magic Lens: Refractive Steganography [PDF] [SUP], Marios Papas, Thomas Houit, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Markus Gross and Wojciech Jarosz. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2012), Vol. 31, No. 6, November 2012., Singapore, Singapore, November 2012.

Goal-Based Caustics [PDF], Marios Papas, Wojciech Jarosz, Wenzel Jakob, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Wojciech Matusik, Tim Weyrich. Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. Eurographics 2011), Vol. 30, No. 2, April 2011., Llandudno, UK, April 2011.

Work Experience
Sep 2009 - Jun 2010: University of Cyprus (Special Scientist, under Yiorgos Chrysanthou)

Jul 2010 - Oct 2010: Disney Research Zurich, Switzerland (Summer Internship, Mentors: Wojciech Matusik and Wojciech Jarosz)

I was born in Cyprus, a small island located in the eastern Mediterranean. In 2007 I received my B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus, followed by a Master's at UCSD in Computer Graphics, under the supervision of Henrik Wann Jensen and funded by Fulbright.