Dr. Robert W. Sumner

Associate Director, Disney Research Zurich
Adjunct Professor, ETH Zurich
sumner [at] disneyresearch.com

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251-0570-00 P: Game Programming Laboratory
This semester, I'm teaching a course on game design. Students gain an in-depth understanding of the technology underlying computer games by designing and implementing a computer game for the XBox 360 console. We wrote an article describing how this course serves as a capstone to the ETH Computer Science and Visual Computing program, which will appear in a conference on Game Development in Computer Science Education (GDCSE 2008). Check out the student-created games from the 2007 course.
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The ETH Game Programming Laboratory:
A Capstone for Computer Science and Visual Computing

Robert W. Sumner, Nils Thuerey, Markus Gross
Game Development in Computer Science Education (GDCSE 2008)
[ PDF 2M ]
Curvature-Domain Shape Processing
Michael Eigensatz, Robert W. Sumner, Mark Pauly
Eurographics 2008
[ PDF 2.2M ]
Embedded Deformation for Shape Manipulation
Robert W. Sumner, Johannes Schmid, Mark Pauly
[ PDF 3.4M ] [ AVI 37M ]
Inverse Kinematics for Reduced Deformable Models
Kevin G. Der, Robert W. Sumner, Jovan Popović
[ PDF 400k ]
Mesh Modification Using Deformation Gradients
Robert W. Sumner
Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005
[ PDF 12M ]
Mesh-Based Inverse Kinematics
Robert W. Sumner, Matthias Zwicker, Craig Gotsman, Jovan Popović
[ PDF 2.2M ] [ MP4 18M ] [ Project Page ]
Deformation Transfer for Triangle Meshes
Robert W. Sumner, Jovan Popović
[ PDF 2.0M ] [ MP4 9.6M ] [ Project Page ]
Pattern Formation in Lichen
Robert W. Sumner
Masters Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001
[ PDF 6.3M ]
Animating Sand, Mud, and Snow
Robert W. Sumner, James F. O'Brien, Jessica K. Hodgins
Journal: Computer Graphics Forum 1999
Conference: Graphics Interface 1998
[ PDF 287K ] [ QT 4.7M ] [ Project Page ]