Onur Mutlu

I am a Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. I am also associated with the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering department.

I am also an Adjunct Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, where I held the Dr. William D. and Nancy W. Strecker Early Career Professorship.

My research is in computer architecture, systems, security, and bioinformatics. My work spans and stretches the boundaries between applications, systems, languages, system software, compilers, and hardware. My research tackles many issues in high performance, energy efficiency, hardware security, fault tolerance, predictable systems, dependable systems, and hardware/software cooperation. I am especially excited about novel, fundamentally-secure and fundamentally-efficient computation, communication and memory/storage paradigms, applied to emerging systems, technologies, and bioinformatics/medical applications. I am also excited about system design for bioinformatics and biologically inspired computing paradigms.

My Research Group at ETH: SAFARI@ETHZ (website coming soon). We are affiliated with the Systems Group.
My Research Group at CMU: SAFARI@CMU

For Students: If you are interested in doing research with me (at any level: bachelors, masters, PhD, postdoc, internship), please apply here and send me your CV and application ID via email. An incomplete list of potential Master's, Bachelor's and Semester projects are available here.

Currently Teaching (Fall 2018): Computer Architecture
Currently Teaching (Fall 2018): (Bachelor's) Seminar on Computer Architecture
Short Course (Summer 2018): Memory Systems and Memory-Centric Computing Systems (at HiPEAC ACACES Summer School)
Recently Taught (Spring 2018): Design of Digital Circuits
Recently Taught (Fall 2017): Computer Architecture

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