Research Topics in Software Engineering (Fall 2018)

Basic Information

Course Description

This course introduces students to research in software engineering (SE) and programming languages (PL) through reading, understanding, presenting and critiquing (high-quality) research papers in this general area.

There will not be a specific focus, but rather, we will cover a broad range of topics featuring latest/recent advances in the field.

During the first lecture (20.9.2018), I will explain the rules, distribute the research papers, and give a short lecture on research and technical presentations. Then, the class will not meet for the following two weeks to allow students time to prepare their presentations. The remaining lectures will consist of student presentations, each covering about one research paper assigned at the beginning of the course.

List of candidate papers

Course Goals

Academic Integrity

Please avoid copy-pasting as much as possible. For any material (especially graphics and anything included by copy-pasting) not created by you but included in your presentation, you must acknowledge the source on the same slide.


The papers have varying difficulty, which we will take into account.

How It Works


TA advisor
1 20.09 Introduction; small guide -
2 27.09 no seminar -
3 04.10 no seminar -
4 11.10 Jérémy Scheurer: Formal Security Analysis of Neural Networks using Symbolic Intervals Shuai
5 18.10 Matthias Erdin: Into the Depths of C: Elaborating the De Facto Standards
Stevan Mihajlovic: DeepXplore: Automated Whitebox Testing of Deep Learning Systems
6 25.10 no seminar
7 01.11 Nils Leuzinger: Compiler Validation via Equivalence Modulo Inputs
Elizaveta Tretiakova: PerfFuzz: Automatically Generating Pathological Inputs
8 08.11 no seminar
9 15.11 Hannes Pfammatter: A Comprehensive Study of Real-World Numerical Bug Characteristics
Lukas Schär: Debugging reinvented
10 22.11 Diana-Elena Ghinea: Bringing the web up to speed with WebAssembly Shuai
11 29.11 Alexander Weber: What You Get is What You C: Controlling Side Effects in Mainstream C Compilers
Jakob Beckmann: Securify: Practical Security Analysis of Smart Contracts
12 06.12 Rajasimha Narasimhakumar: Just-in-Time Static Analysis
Andrius Juodelis: Automatically improving accuracy for floating point expressions
13 13.12 no seminar
14 20.12 Alain Senn: Pinpoint: Fast and Precise Sparse Value Flow Analysis for Million Lines of Code Shuai